About Emerge

Strategic marketing for emerging business.

Guided by our proprietary JumpSmart™ process, we specialize in helping entrepreneurs overcome the unique marketing challenges facing early-stage startups.

What Our Mission Means To You

Emerge helps bring emerging ventures to market. From our years of experience, we understand the unique marketing challenges and needs that face early-stage startups. Our experience and processes also allow us to develop and implement practical go-to-market strategies that enable clients to launch their ventures, reach critical short-term benchmarks, and realize long-term marketing goals.

Clients engage Emerge Design Group for our strategic thinking, informed recommendations, and cohesive implementation. We forge successful relationships that are built on cooperation, teamwork and honesty. Our goal is to become your trusted advisor and business ally.

Who We Are

Emerge Design Group is a marketing communications and design firm based in Needham, Massachusetts. Founded in 2004 by David Linde, Emerge presents a unified marketing entity that offers clients strategic thinking and inspired implementation.

What We Do

We bring emerging ventures to market by helping them launch meaningful products, services and experiences. We build a strong foundation that includes the initial brand, marketing and communications strategies. We accomplish this through experience, resources, economies of scale, and doing it right the first time.

We Work Closely With Our Clients To:

  • Establish or revitalize brand identity and messaging
  • Develop and implement critical go-to-market strategies
  • Identify proper resource allocation
  • Establish measurable benchmarks to track results

How We Do It

We build partnerships with our clients that create superior results. We foster an open and interactive communication atmosphere that engages both client and project team. Together we achieve a comfortable consensus that is built on mutual understanding and trust. We play the roles of marketing advisor, mentor and objective observer.

Who We Work For

We are engaged by emerging businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs who have received seed money or first-round financing and are looking to develop initial branding and marketing programs to launch their ventures and/or take them to the next level of capital investment.

  • An established B2C client looking to launch a consolidated consumer division
  • A hightech that needed to reposition their brand to serve both B2B and B2C
  • A biotechnology firm looking to engage a newly-identified audience
  • A non-profit needing to create and launch a new umbrella entity
  • An internet startup wanting to refine their brand message and marketing program

David Linde

Creative Director