BrandBasics™ is our comprehensive brand buildout system designed to get your image up and running quickly. It covers every verbal and visual aspect of your brand.

Verbal Identity

  • Company/Product Name
  • Positioning Statement
  • Brand Messaging

Visual Identity

  • Logo/Mark Design
  • Typographic Standards
  • Color Palette (print/web)
  • Standards Manual

Visual Identity
Emerge Design Group has been designing award-winning corporate identity systems for over 20 years. Our experience spans a wide range of businesses, products and services.

Our goal is to make every visual identity:

  • Memorable
  • Enduring
  • Usable


  • Stationery Systems
  • Signage Systems
  • Online Branding
  • Presentation Templates
  • Newsletter Templates
  • Social Media Branding

Some interesting places you can find our work.
Largest: an oil truck
Smallest: a golf ball mark
Loudest: a base drum
Oddest: a thong


OZZInternet start-up service providing original interactive programming.

Molten Metal Technology

Molten Metal TechnologyHazardous waste disposal/reclamation technology

SolidWorks World

SolidWorks WorldIdentity for software developer’s user conference held in New Orleans


Quack Back WaterproofStart-up outerwear line for golf apparel manufacturer

Tamarac Systems

TamaracStart-up respiratory device designer and manufacturer

Suffolk Downs Race Track

Masscap 2000Annual Massachusetts Horseracing Championships

Edwards & Company

EdwardsEducation consultancy


DocShreddingStart-up document destruction and disposal service

Memory Chronicles

Memory ChroniclesStart-up video keepsake service

Shoe Angels

Shoe AngelsNon-profit providing shoes for children in need