CryoTooth Technologies

Start-up technology CryoTooth relied heavily upon a scientific approach to introduce their new service. Emerge Design Group was asked to assess their efforts to date and help them relaunch a more consumer-friendly approach.

A dual sell was discovered: B2B (the pediatric dental community) and B2C (families with adolescence children); and the brand positioning needed to be revised.

The website was made “family-friendly” featuring benefits to the consumer. The B2B information was dropped to a secondary tier. A direct mail strategy was employed to launch a small pilot program. Using the dentists’ mailing lists, CryoTooth was able to accurately acquire their ideal target demographic.

Emerge provided a fresh new look and navigation for the website. The “Family-friendly” direct mail campaign increased web traffic; which enabled CryoTooth to reach out to other pediatric offices and co-brand the direct mail with new dental office affiliates.


Services Provided:

  • Brand and Market Repositioning
  • Website Rewrite
  • Visual and Navigation Refresh
  • Direct Mail (B2C)