Emerging Business

We understand the unique marketing challenges of a new business.

We specialize in helping entrepreneurs overcome the unique marketing challenges facing early-stage startups.

Unique Challenges

We help our clients navigate and solve initial marketing challenges so they can stay focused on their core business.

Startups face an additional set of challenges not encountered by established businesses. In particular, new ventures need to develop a distinctive brand, introduce a compelling story, create awareness, and most importantly, establish a level of trust with the consumer.

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JumpSmart™ is Emerge Design Group’s proprietary assessment process that helps our clients determine their true marketing needs.

JumpSmart™ will…

  • Build consensus on marketing goals
  • Clarify market position and advantages
  • Audit effectiveness of efforts to date
  • Create key messages and brand criteria
  • Develop and evaluate strategies
  • Identify the best marketing platforms
  • Determine a plan to meet short-term benchmarks and long-term goals

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Advisory Board

Emerge Design Group has assembled a group of trusted industry advisors. These C-Level executives, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists bring vast experience and perspective on emerging markets. We utilize their expertise to give critical feedback to our clients concerning their business and marketing strategies.

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We keep our finger on the pulse of New England’s emerging businesses. We follow: