JumpSmart™ is Emerge Design Group’s proprietary assessment process that helps our clients determine their true marketing needs.

We believe the goal of marketing is to engage prospects to interact with your firm, and make it easy for them to do business with you.

Forging a Marketing Knowledge Base
Our research gets back to basics and builds consensus within the company on such topics as brand, messaging, customer profiles and marketing goals. That information provides the essential groundwork to develop the strategies that will become the brand and marketing plan.

JumpSmart™ will…

  • Build consensus on marketing goals
  • Clarify market position and advantages
  • Audit effectiveness of efforts to date
  • Create key messages and brand criteria
  • Develop and evaluate strategies
  • Identify the best marketing platforms
  • Determine a plan to meet short-term benchmarks and long-term goals

Initial Assessment

Our JumpSmart™ process helps clients identify and target their immediate marketing needs. We review the business plan, interview key players, and audit current marketing initiatives to gain a current snapshot of the business.

The assessment includes:

  • Evaluation of mission and branding messages
  • Interviews with key management and personnel
  • Marketing communications and brand audit

Analysis and Observations

We conduct a client review of the marketing audit and begin to formulate a direction. This is the beginning of the new marketing path in which we investigate all marketing vehicles in aggregate, determining whether they will work together to produce the desired results.

  • Market assessment
  • SWOT analysis [if necessary]
  • Product/services review

Brainstorming and Strategy

We include key staff, especially those involved in marketing communications, in the brainstorming process. We will explore all relevant ideas and move ahead with the best concepts.

Next Steps/Plan

We distill the efforts of the brainstorming into a report which includes: goals, tactics, budget, competitive analysis, responsibilities, expected outcomes, timeframes, etc. This report will be delivered to key management as well as all personnel who will have a role in the plan implementation.


The initial implementation starts with a cohesive brand message. Once the company brand is determined, development of the visual identity follows. The branding is then incorporated across the marketing spectrum. All the components of the brand have a synergy and form an integrated marketing program.


We recommend a periodic review of the program to adapt to circumstances and objects as they develop.

Second Tier Implementation

You can gain recognition by sharing your intellectual capital and by becoming a thought leader in your field through these approaches:

  • Articles / White Papers
  • Seminars and speaking engagements
  • Newsletters: Electronic and printed
  • Blogs + Social Media

JumpSmart™ insights

We sorely needed a proper assessment of our brand and marketing plan. Through the JumpSmart™ process, Emerge Design Group was able to pinpoint our successes and weaknesses. They made sound recommendations that they quickly and easily implemented. We feel much more confident in our plan moving forward.

—Jim Alvarez
Angel Investor

JumpSmart™ was an outstanding tool to help us organize our marketing thoughts. It gave us an unbiased view of ourselves. It brought numerous issues to light and gave us direction on how to solve our challenges. We realigned a few of our programs and focused our efforts on greener pastures.

—Matthew Hayward
Charles River Energy